Innovative and creative technology solutions.

We specialize in building creative custom
solutions where technology, design and
functionality blend to create great user experiences.

Before Technology.

So may clients come to us explaining about their technology requirements and what database they need for their specific project before they have even thought about the needs pof their target audience. At Syntab we first understand the target audience, the goals of the project and the deisgn considerations and then we deside on the technology. Most users are not interested in technology just like most car owners are not interested in whats under the bonnet. They just want it to work well, and to keep on working. Syntab will make technology choices based on the immediate and future needs of the project so that as technology needs change, the project can keep up with those changes and continue to be a functional part of your organization.

Technology experience.

Syntab has experience in a wide range of Internet technologies, including .NET, PHP and database development, and we implement best practices for CSS design. We have also had extensive experience in planning and developing innovative back end database driven administrative tools, e-learning platforms, ecommerce sites and portals. We excel in creating custom solutions and working with the client to understand their market needs and design and build the technology that will support this. Whatever your technological needs may be, we can accommodate them.

After Technology

As you organization grows and (like most organizations) becomes more and more dependent on the Internet, Syntab will be there for you to help keep your project technologically relevant so that you can continue to keep your advantage over the competition.