What is unique about our design approach?

Great user experience builds brand loyalty.
Syntab blends functionality and design
to make sure that after you are noticed
you retain your popularity.

Get Noticed and then…

About 80% of users don’t click past the home page. Syntab realizes that once someone clicks to your site you have about 3 seconds to make an impression. If you succeed, you have a few more seconds for them to find the call to action and follow the action path through your site. While new users are key to any web strategy, designing for the Internet goes way beyond a great looking home page and extends to creating a unique user experience that builds brand loyalty. This user experience is crucial to any Internet project and it has been a driving force in the success and failure of some of the most popular innovations in the last few years.

User experience first.

Syntab believes that the Internet is about people, rather than technology. Most Internet platforms are not made for use by technical wizards. The user experience needs to smooth and friendly and the underlying technology needs to support this experience by being innovative and functional. Most of our most powerful admin tools and technologies are being been used by non technical people from ages 6 to 60 and so we understand this need. We therefore take a "top down" approach by first focusing on the user, applying “action planning” principles, and then choosing the relevant technologies that will achieve these results.

Targeted design

Syntab designs sites to attract the target audience. We will analyze your target audience as part of our initial strategy planning and make sure that the design not only reflects your corporate image but that it also is focused on attracting the target audience. A sophisticated interface will not create a great user experience for 6 year old kids and an energetic travel site for singles will not be appealing to a 60+ audience looking for a luxury cruise. Interactive design needs to be planned with a totally different approach to a billboard poster as the “action” that you want to encourage is immediate and crucial to your success.