How will our consulting services help you?

So many companies and organizations
dive into Internet related projects without
gathering the knowledge beforehand to
help gaurentee their success.

Enhance the power of your team.
Syntab can work with your staff to help you formulate a clear strategic action plan for your Internet project and help you merge your goals with the needs of your target audience. Our 10+ years of experience over a range of clients from e-commerce to e-learning has given us insights and experience that can prove invaluable for your project. You will gain the most from our consulting services by letting us help you plan your strategy and the functional specifications of your project .

Plan ahead
Syntab can help you think about the bigger picture and how the current project will fit into the long term strategy of the organization. If you are selling (products, services, information or ideas) we will also analyze areas such as your target audience and advise how to build and promote your project in a such a way as to reach them and encourage them to take action. Most times these strategic decisions will effect many aspects of the project down to the technology level and if not done correctly, will cost the organization in time and money to correct. A little innovative thought during the planning stage can sometimes even turn administrative tools for a project into an opportunity to improve inter-organizational communication and efficiency if designed correctly.

Before you decide on your strategic direction, you would be wise to analyze your competition and see what they are doing. How have they positioned themselves in your niche market, what set of tools are they offering, what marketing effort are they driving? This is another area where Syntab can help give you a competitive edge by helping you focus your research to look for the relevant details in your competitions strategy.

Based on our experience in our own ventures and those of our clients we can bring our valuable knowledge to your project and development team.